Chelsea Q. White of Chelsea Q. White Photography

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On today’s episode, I’m chatting with one of my dear friends, Chelsea Q. White. Chelsea is a photographer who specializes in capturing all elements between marriage and motherhood, while focusing on images with an artful eye. Growing up she always knew she wanted to be a story-teller of some sort, and was passionate about writing and taking photographs. Chelsea started doing photography as a business on the side while she was working as a journalist for a nonprofit company, and her business has continued to grow!

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Today we’re focusing not only on how Chelsea found photography as her passion and started a successful business, but how she manages her company now that she is a new mother to her sweet son! After finding out she was going to have a baby, Chelsea worked hard to automate her business. She automated everything from emails, to inventory, and from social media to blog posts. Chelsea loved using HoneyBook, as she prepared for motherhood, and utilized its many tools like workflow management and email templates and scheduling to work smarter and not harder.

Chelsea also shares some of her biggest tips for new and expecting mothers. She talks about how open communication is so important between not only your spouse and family, but your clients as well, so that you can effectively set expectations that align with your balance between work and motherhood. She also talks about how taking time off to be with your baby is important.

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Chelsea’s most used work tools include Google Drive, Later, and Planoly. She also likes to use PowerSheets by Lara Casey to help her set goals. She is currently reading Department of Speculation, and The Nest. For all you of you soon-to-be moms out there, Chelsea recommends reading Being There. She is currently listening to How I built this, and Ask a Clean Person.

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