Torrance Hart of Teak & Twine

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On the episode today, we have Torrance Hart the founder of Teak and Twine. Torrance has been a long time admirer of packaging and gifts. She started this company because she believed that there was a need for beautifully created custom gifts with a specific focus on client, corporate, and occasion gifts. She also wanted to be able to serve her fellow entrepreneurs by being able to use their beautiful products and package them up to make them even more appealing. 

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Before Torrance started her business, she was an intelligence officer for the Air Force. She believes that in many ways that being an intelligence officer prepared her for her endeavors with Teak and Twine. She talked about the similarities between the two jobs regarding organization, responsiveness, and efficiency. Torrance also talks about the perspective she gained from her last role, and how grateful she is for what she gets to do now.

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In this episode Torrance shares how success for her means hitting you financial goals while also spending quality time with family. She also talks about some of the challenges she faces while trying to meet these goals like, deciding how big she wants her company to be, and how should she decide to hire and outsource. In the end, Torrance believes it should all come down to what kind of life you are trying to build.

Torrance's biggest piece of advice for others who are wanting to start their own business is to work for a small business first before starting your own. Some of the biggest tool Torrance uses are Trello for client management, and Instagram for hiring. She also like to work with Shanna Skidmore to help her figure out things like where to go and how to grow. Torrance is currently reading Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, and is listening to the podcasts How I built thisUp first, and Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher.


How you can find Torrance:

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