Annette Stepanian - Setting Yourself Up For Success, Legally


Today on the show we are talking with Annette Stepanian, a lawyer for entrepreneurs. Her job is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs set up and grow their business. Annette studied business at USC, and has always loved teaching. When she realized there was a need for these services in the business world, she decided she would make it her goal to educate others on business strategy and legal advice.

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Annette talks about how she believes that the biggest mistake that people can make is not educating themselves on basic legal framework. If you can't afford a lawyer, she believes that the smartest thing to do is to research templates and make your own contracts. In this episode, she talks about the 3 most important things she believes should be in a good contract, and how you can save time and money by making them yourself.

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Annette says her biggest challenge that she faces is portraying the value of her services to others. When asked about her advice to others, she talks about how you should stop limiting yourself and start thinking about what is possible. 

When it comes to tools, Annette loves to use templates. She uses Asana as a tool for project management, and Calendly to schedule her appointments. She also uses a contract signing software, and uses her podcast to help educate people.

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