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 We are so excited to be talking to Natalie Franke, co-founder of The Rising Tide Society. When Natalie was young, she wanted to be a doctor. In high school Natalie got a camera and then started her own photography business. After college, she jumped straight into photography, and grew it into a six figure wedding business. However, she soon found out that the more she poured into her business, the more isolated she felt. After that realization, she decided to make a change.

Natalie believes in the spirit of community over competition, so once she decided that she wanted to do something different, she got a bunch of her fellow vendor friends to get together to talk about business. This eventually grew into the Rising Tide Society, which is place to discuss knowledge, help people grow their business, and to find a support system.

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In our interview, Natalie really emphasizes the importance of community. She believes that a good community will lift you up when things in your life are going wrong. Natalie found this to be true this past November, when she had to have surgery in order to remove a brain tumor. Her community stepped in and surrounded and supported her. Since her tumor, Natalie says she has stopped letting things pass her by. She has gone after her dreams, and makes sure she is present in her family. She even describes that to her, success is when you can spend time with family and the people you care about. 

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Natalie finds inspiration in listening to other peoples stories and seeing them chase after their own dreams. Her role models are Emily Ley, Lupita Nyong'o, and her mom just to name a few. When she gets stressed, Natalie likes to do yoga and meditate, she also makes sure she makes time to pray.

Natalie likes to listen to electronic music, and is reading Leaders Eat Last at the moment.

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