Lindsey Williams of LAW Designs


Today on the podcast, you will be hearing from Lindsey Williams. Lindsey is the owner of LAW Designs, a Dallas based jewelry company that hand-makes their designs. When Lindsey was growing up, she wanted to be a race car driver, she even raced all through high school. She eventually gave up her dream of being a driver when she realized racing turned into her identity, and she lost who she was. After figuring this out, Lindsey decided to attend Dallas Baptist University. She eventually got a political science internship, but kept feeling a pull to be more creative. She then started making her own jewelry, and her business grew from there when others saw her designs and wanted them for themselves.

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Lindsey talks about how her number one priority is her son, Tucker. She has even shaped her business to revolve around that. She works while her son is napping, or after his bedtime. She uses a brand ambassador program to help boost her sales. She sends her ambassadors jewelry and in return, they send her content to post to her social media. This is helpful for her because Instagram is where is she gets around 70% of her business from. 

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Lindsey's biggest role model is her mother, who is a breast cancer survivor. She gets her inspiration from nature, and also needs emotional inspiration as well. Her biggest advice would be to find joy in what you do, and then do it from a place of joyfulness.

Lindsey's favorite tool is Shopify, because she loves the analytics and data it shares with her. She also uses ShipStation, and the Later App. She enjoys listening to podcasts from Watermark Church, as well as music from Hillsong and Justin Timberlake.

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Where you can find Lindsey:

LAW Designs Website