Adri Smith of Moss Floral Design

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We are so excited to be talking to Adri Smith today. She is the owner and creative director of the boutique floral studio, Moss Floral Design. This Texas girl didn't start off wanting to design her own flower arrangements, in fact she was actually a teacher before she found her passion. Adri taught kindergarten for two years before realizing she wasn't meant to be a teacher. After planning her own wedding, Adri fell in love with floral design. She decided to quit her teaching job, and began working out of her own house.  

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Although she wasn't a teacher for long, Adri talks about how her short time being a teacher taught her many valuable skills that she uses in her business now, like managing her time and her team. She also shares some of the challenges she faces, like trying to keep up with fresh new ideas, as well as other difficulties she faces when it comes to running her business. 

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One of Adri's biggest inspirations comes from the changing of the seasons. To control her stress levels, she likes to go on weekend getaways when she has the chance, and enjoys reading and meditation. She says her favorite part of her job is when she gives the bride her wedding bouquet.

Some of her favorite business tools include Quickbooks, Instagram, and Planoly.  Her biggest advice to others would be to trust your gut, and to have courage. She is currently watching Game of Thrones, and is reading Faith by Jimmy Carter. You can also catch her listening to jazz or RAC radio on Pandora.

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Where you can find Adri:

Moss Floral Website