Natalie Shelton of N Barrett Photogrpahy

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Natalie Shelton is a self taught wedding photographer, podcaster, and print shop owner. We are so excited to be talking to her today! When she was younger, Natalie's father owned an old film camera that intrigued her and sparked her interest in photography. In high school she started shooting different events for fun, and eventually learned more about photography from her peers.

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Natalie's favorite thing about her job is getting to be able to capture special memories for people. Natalie loves preserving the moments that make life worth living, and works tirelessly to ensure that each one of her clients feels valued. Natalie's inspiration comes mainly from people, the industry, and from anything that God has created.

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Natalie's biggest advice to others is to believe in yourself and to have the confidence to know you can do anything. She also talks about how you should walk alongside people who are doing what they do in the best way.

Natalie is currently listening to the Typology, Wed & Woke, Family Ghosts, and By the Book. When she is not listening to podcasts, Natalie enjoys listening to Americana, Folk, and Country music. Her favorite business tools include, FreshBooks, Lightroom, Adobe Sign, Venmo, and paypal.

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