Marcy Cook of Marcy Cook Art

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Today on the show, we have Marcy Cook of Marcy Cook Art. Marcy Cook is a commission based painter, who specializes in abstract and expressionist art. Growing up Marcy wanted to be a vet, but she also had a creative side. She took art in high school, and painted in her free time. When she went off to college at Baylor, she decided to major in painting. After college Marcy started to feel burnt out from painting, so she decided to try something new and intern with a floral design company, which she then co-owned for seven years.

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During her time working as a florist, Marcy would always be painting or doing smaller projects on the side. She talks about how running her florist company has helped teach her how to run her own business. Now Marcy spends her days painting away in her studio, collecting endless inspiration from travel and floral design, and connecting with friends, family, and the people who enrich her life.

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Marcy admits that one of her biggest challenges is being disciplined. She also talks about some of the sacrifices she has make like financial security, and how putting her art into the world is a struggle for her as well.

The main tools that Marcy uses for her business are spotify, and Xero for bookkeeping. She also uses Instagram, which is where most of her sales come from. To create her art, show uses pallet knives, and charcoal pencils.

She is currently listening to the podcasts Up and Vanished and Revisionist History, and is currently reading Abba's Child by Brennan Manning, and Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. She also likes to read poems by Mary Oliver.

Where you can find Marcy:

Her Website