Annie Wonderlich of Art Fleur

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On today's podcast, we will be talking with the oh so fabulous Annie Wonderlich. Annie is the owner of Art Fleur in Los Angeles. Art Fleur is a boutique styled floral company that specializes in events and everyday delivery. Annie worked in the medical field before starting her business. In our interview, she admits that she was a money chaster instead of a dream chaser. She realized after the death of her father that she wanted to do something more meaningful, which inspired her to start Art Fleur!


Annie is very passionate about what she does, and likes to work with others who are as passionate as she is. One of her favorite parts about her job is getting to hear stories from the clients that call in. That is one thing that originally drew her to this industry. She sees this job and the people who work with her as family, and makes sure that her business comes first.

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We talk about some of the sacrifices she's has to make, her favorite part about her job, and how she can tell if someone is a good match for her company without even interviewing them. Her biggest advice for others looking to start their own businesses is to just do it, and not to let fear get the best of you.

She enjoys stimulating her mind and is currently is reading poetry. She loves listening to Up First and Pod Save America.

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