Nikki Clause of Fling Before the Ring

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Today I’m chatting with Nikki Clause, the owner and creative planner behind Fling Before the Ring! Fling Before the Ring is a personal planning service that creates unique bachelorette party experiences. Nikki and her team create custom party itineraries that match the budget and style of their clients, so that they create the best experience for them in the city that they choose. Some of the most common destinations Nikki works with include Austin, Nashville, Charleston, Miami, and of course Las Vegas.

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Nikki started her career off working in interior design, but soon decided she wanted to become more involved with her city. This decision lead to her to start working in events. While working in the events industry, Nikki realized there was a need for a bachelorette planning service, which is how Fling Before the Ring began.

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Nikki’s biggest piece of advice to fellow business owners would be that you get to create your own path, and that you should trust your instincts. Some of the tools she uses frequently are Trello, Microsoft Suite, Photoshop, Keynote, and the always classic pen and paper. Nikki is currently listening to Almost 30.

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