Paige Cole on Mindset & Manifestation

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We are excited be chatting with Paige Cole on the podcast today. Paige is a master mindset and manifestation coach, as well as a business strategist for entrepreneurial women. Today we’re chatting all about how the power of a positive mindset can affect your business. Paige has had several jobs over the years including marketing, and real estate. Now Paige is drawn to use her many past life-experiences and her knowledge of manifestation and positive energy to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses and thrive in their everyday lives.

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On this episode Paige talks about how she has suffered from depression throughout her life, and how the principles she teaches others have helped her to heal herself. She also says that she wants everyone to have deep belief in themselves, and how she thinks that “emotions are our most valuable resource.” Paige talks about how one of the biggest pitfalls she has dealt with, is comparing yourself to others. When this happens, she says the best thing to do is to stop those thoughts in their tracks, and reaffirm something positive about yourself.

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Paige also reveals what her morning routine looks like on the show, and talks about how your mindset and mental health is a constant practice. She also gives some advice when talking about the importance of gratitude. Paige is currently reading Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. We can’t wait for you to hear this episode!

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